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I know, I know, the letter R is 2 weeks late, but with good reason. I’ve been on my holidays in New York city so have had no time for tumblr. Unfortunately for ye, fortunate for me, I am here for another week which means you will have to wait till then for the next installment of Meagan’s Movie Alphabet. Here’s the good news, I will be posting all 3 new letters next week to make up for lost time so thats R, S and T and spoiler alert one will be an animated modern classic, the other a bloody violent shoot em up kinda movie. R as you may have guessed if you followed/rigged the voting will be The Royal Tenenbaums and as a treat here is one of the many reasons I went to New York in the first place, its freaking Archer Avenue!!! (real name convent avenue)

see ye next week!